02/27/2019 Comic Con Booth Model/Hostess
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      We are looking for cosplay models and hostesses. The events will be Comic-Cons located in Dallas and Houston. Times and dates are below. You will be modeling in a Norse/Viking type costume. We will buy several and provide one based on your size, but you will need to have some appropriate shoes to wear. You will interact with others in costumes (potential customers) in an effort to market and sell a book that will be available at our booth. Its likely many patrons may want selfies or photo’s with you. Even though there will be lots of people around, this will be a relaxed atmosphere

    You will be responsible for arriving at the event (parking fee is reimbursed daily). There will be no hair nor makeup artist, so you will need to do whatever is needed. However, there are no strict requirements as long as it looks good.

    The dates and times of the Dallas event are as follows:
    May 3: 3-9pm
    May 4: 10-7pm
    May 5: 10-6pm

    For the Houston event, dates are:
    May 10: 12pm - 8pm. May 11: 10-7pm May 12: 10-5pm

    Compensation per hour is $15-$20. If you work more than 8 hours we give a paid lunch break. We normally pay our models in cash at the end of each day or working period. If you prefer a check, you must let us know in advance. Feel free to let us know if you have specific, different requirements for compensation.

    If interested please contact us directly if possible, info@illustratedmythos.com
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