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MuseCube Swag!

Official MuseCube Gear - Designed by Selected Artists

Solid Product

Our apparel is printed on premium-quality fabrics. It's really comfortable.
You'll pretty much love it.

Unique Artwork

Our goal is to provide a quality line of products, featuring unique art.
We personally select the artists and art that appear on our clothing line.

Make it yours

All of our designs are offered in a full range of colors, as well as different clothing styles.
Each shirt is printed to order.


The Orb

Thought provoking art, which carefully ponders the metaphysical nature of all that is the MuseCube, this shirt is heavily stylized with floral patterns and other really mind-blowing stuff.
Customize Color & Style

Foo Dog Nights

Like wisdom from the Third Eye, this shirt contemplates enlightenment, illuminati sub-plots and ancient temple guardians. It's also a killer shirt to wear, if you aren't into any of that stuff.
Customize Color & Style

Persistence of Time

A heavily abstracted and embellished design, this shirt almost appears to shape shift depending on the color of the apparel it is placed on. Note: Shirt does not actually tell time.
Customize Color & Style

The Lotus

The Lotus - a symbol of spiritual enlightenment and rebirth. Contemplating which shirt to wear? Begin your journey here.
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A basic, yet attractive design!
Customize Color & Style


The Aperture - The iris of our creativity. Harness it. Wear it. Feel the energy.
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