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Wilson Signature

124 S Main St
Suite 202
Worthing, SD 57077
TEL: 605-291-4130
Studio Information:
I have a small photography studio I’m willing to rent out any free time to those who have their own camera and would like a chance to use professional equipment to take their own pictures. Cost: $25 per hour (two-hour minimum) Equipment (not concise): Capture One computer on rolling desk for tethered shooting 1 White-Lightning X1600 monolight 3 White-Lightning X800 monolights 1 AlienBees ringflash Cybersync remote for wireless control of the strobes from the camera 2 V-flats A variety of light modifiers, including softboxes (two 7' umbrellas, one 46" softlighter, one large 23×48", two 12×56" striplights, and one 24×24"), a beauty dish with a diffuser, and an assortment of umbrellas, reflectors, scrims, gels, barn doors, and a snoot. Several large backgrounds, including cloth backgrounds (white, black, gray, sky blue, and green screen), vinyl (white, gray, black, and an old room image), an assortment of masterwork and scenic muslin, plus some sheer overlays. The equipment is NOT for rent outside the studio. In accordance with my lease, I must be present when rented. During rentals, I’m more than happy to mind my own business or act as your assistant.
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