Rental Studios in Alabama

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Chuck StJohn Photography

2329 1st Avenue North
Loft 302
Birmingham, AL 35204
TEL: 205.266.0918
Studio Information:
Please contact me for pictures of the studio, equipment avaiability and other pertinent information


212 41st Street South
Birmingham, AL 35222
TEL: 2059429460
Studio Information:
$45/Hr Includes: Studio space – including white painted cyclorama. Movable overhead light box with LED lighting. Four (4) Professional studio flash units, including light modifiers (reflectors, 2 soft boxes, 2 umbrellas, honeycomb grids). Includes radio triggers. Additional support stands. Foam core reflector cards and scrims. Four painted canvas backgrounds on motorized lift system. Extras: Assistance of professional photographer $25/Hr After business hours rental $25/Hr Check our website for specials
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