Jerry B

Surprise, Arizona
United States
Surprise, Arizona
United States

Jerry B


My skills do not improve by sitting around on my duff. If you are a serious professional minded (new to the biz or not) model that would like to explore what our talents can do for each other, please drop me a line.



I don't text and I don't email from my phone.

Artist, n,
1. a person who does anything very well with imagination and a feeling for form and effect.

Photographer, n
1. a person who takes photographs, especially for a living.

Aspiring, adj
1. Striving for or desirous of reaching some lofty goal.

I am an aspiring photographer artist and my motto for this year is shoot, shoot, and shoot some more! My mission is to shoot unique artistic and glamour images that are commercially viable and that my clients and I are proud to use and display.

The more I work, the better my skill set becomes, and the more I get paid down the line. So I am here to work.

If you schedule a shoot and agree to a date and time please don't waste my time. If you are late consider our shoot cancelled.

More about wasting my time and yours, if you receive an email from me please take the time to respond!! It only takes a second and it's the polite thing to do. I don't think my expectations are too high here.

My Travel:
Honolulu, Hawai- August 25th - 31st

Interested in:

  • Portrait
  • Commercial
  • Art
  • Journalism
  • Other
  • Figure Study
  • Mediums

  • Digital
  • Photography

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