Kristen Nugent

orlando, Florida
United States
orlando, Florida
United States

Kristen Nugent


I really love my job , clients and the people I work with!

I’m into the arts, music, travel, my dog, different cultures, food, great gigs and good people.

I love to be apart of a creative team who enjoy working together.



Kristen has 20yrs. experience working full time as a professional production makeup artist in network TV, commercials, video, High-Definition, sports, film, corporate and special events. Celebrity artist.

Have passport, will travel!
Other countries worked: Vancouver BC, Canada, Beijing, China, Hong Kong, China (4x), Belize, Curacao, Antigua, Philippines, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Bahamas (3x), Mexico (2x), Bermuda. Jamaica, London, England ...

Some of my clients: NBC, NBC/S Deal or No Deal, UniversalStudios Orlando, Harry Potter/ Universal Orlando 2017/2018, NBC Olympics 2008/2010/2012, Sundance Film Festival (Starz), Ricoh, SAP, Nike, Fox, ABC, QVC, NFL Network (Super Bowl shows), Gillette, Men’s Fitness, Sports Illustrated, Fox Family Channel, EA Sports, Golf Channel, Access Hollywood, Ford, Coca-Cola, Avon, O Magazine, AT&T, Extreme Makeover, Rolling Stone Magazine, Kellogg’s, Vitamin Water, Ocean Park (Hong Kong, China) and more…

Please see resume for full credits. Call for rates!

*Local 798, NYC Makeup Artists

Interested in:

  • Portrait
  • Commercial
  • Art
  • Sports
  • Journalism
  • Other
  • Boudoir
  • Mediums

  • Digital
  • Painting
  • Video
  • Other
  • Photography

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