Phoenix, Arizona
United States
Phoenix, Arizona
United States


I’m originally from the south west coast of England, but I also have a mix of French and Israeli blood.

I’m a trained dancer, with a background also in choreography and acting. I’ve always been creative and love performing. When I’m not on stage I’m releasing my creative energy in front of your lens. I'm a spiritual person, so I give much more to my shoots than just a pose. I take a very active role in the creative process.

Some confuse me for being a ballet dancer. My style is contemporary, but I did do a little classical and pointe work. If you're wanting a ballet shoot I would recommend hiring a ballet dancer for that, otherwise I can offer you my style as you see in my portfolio, and limited pointe work.

Sorry, but I DON’T DO TFP. When you hire me, please see me as an investment, like your camera gear, just that I will bring the captured image to life. Likewise, you are the one that makes it possible for me to travel and keep creating this work, so thank you :)

I’m natural (no enhancements), no surgery, scars or tattoos. I invest time and money into keeping myself healthy and trim so I can look my best for each shoot.

I always recommend shooting me in my area of expertise (art nude). This is where you'll get me at my best. Please look over my portfolio to get an idea of my style so you can take advantage of my skills and what I can bring to the shoot. These shoots are a collaboration, where I bring my style and merge it with yours, to create unique and meaningful art, so there has to be freedom for us both to work.

As a guide, my work shows my style and comfort levels. I'm not interested in anything untasteful... no adult work, bondage or pay websites.

I treat every shoot with a fresh attitude, so you will always work with me at my best. I don’t turn up just to get paid, I do really care about the work we’re creating and want you to be pleased with the images. After all these years I still get excited about the results from each shoot! :)

I prefer, and actually crave, ongoing collaborations, rather than fly-by shoots. I like the creative connection that grows over the years. I’ve been working with some of the same photographers for 7-10 years and these connections are invaluable.

I'm that model that will do anything to create "that" image. Past shoots have included (but not limited to) shooting in the snow, underwater, up a tree, mountain or frozen lake in the Alps. I will be there and will bring my creativity, regardless of my comforts. (Hot chocolate wouldn't go amiss in snowy climates though) :)

Please don't feel intimidated by my work and experience. I’m patient with those who are new to the genre. I also don't believe in 'levels,' I believe in creating great imagery, so if you love photography and being creative then we'll have a great shoot. Every photographer has a different eye, which is what makes every image unique. Some of my favorite work, in my portfolio, I created with beginners.

I look forward to creating with you!



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