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Las Vegas, Nevada
United States
Las Vegas, Nevada
United States

JMJ PhotoStudio


JmJPhotostudio is the brain child of photographer Julian M. Jenkins. Est. in 2007, JmJPhotoStudio started in the field of Candid and Landscape photography. Upon moving back to New York, Julian choose to open his lens a little wider to incorporate the ever changing New York lifestyle into his photos. JmjPhotostudio's philosophy is to blend art, style and photography. In doing so creating a wow factor within photos. With our goals in place, JMJPhotostudio's aim is to become a leader in stylized Black and White Photography. Given the nature of the Studios style, we do understand that this type of outlook may not be for everyone. That is why we are going to take careful consideration with how and who we work with. If you are interested in learning more or wanting to be apart of this inaugural style please contact us at

To update Everyone we are expanding to the Las Vegas Area also.



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