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Is there a woman photographer out there that might enjoy a mutual session of erotic photography with a male photographer both alone, him alone and both together in the shadows. I need some b&w photos for my portfolio and ads, maybe you do too. No funny stuff, just artistic photography by someone who knows how to pose and / or work a camera. I am in Massachusetts and this would be done at your convenience. Can send some samples if you are interested. It will be fun and erotic for two artistic photographers who need photos for their personal use or a portfolio. No funny stuff! Just two photographers working together, knowing what they want for images and having fun! Can't beat that. Also doing a photo project called "The Nude at Home" dealing with working around the confines of your apartment or home using simple props like chairs, a couch, the staircase or the mirror in another room. Love to work with soft window light, mirrors and backlighting. Can pay up to $100.00 per hour for YOUR time. Let me know....

Posted at 12:20 PM on May 08, 2015

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