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“Plus models” are used primarily in the larger market areas and are a significant subset of the market. But what the scammers don’t tell you is that Plus modeling is every bit as competitive and demanding as the more traditional fashion modeling. You still have to be tall (5’9” and above), you still have to be beautiful (usually a classic beauty is preferred instead of the “edgy” types that are common for thinner models). And you have to be well proportioned. A size 12 Plus model still likely has long legs and a 10 inch difference between her waist and hips. They are a very specialized type, and most size 12 to 16 women don’t qualify for it.

Where it came from:

This site was put together by people from real, honest-to-God NYC agencies. So, take its information to heart as you plan out your career path.

I didn't make this stuff up. And the agency folks didn't, either. It's just reality in the cut-throat world of modeling.

Link: Modeling myths
Posted at 08:04 PM on May 03, 2004

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