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Hi Everyone,

I thought I'd introduce myself here, since almost half of my work is with plus models and share a little bit about fashion styling and what happens on a shoot. My name is Bette Tilch and I'm a Fashion/Wardrobe Stylist in Los Angeles. Several of you already know me from PlusModels.com.

I have worked for many working and agency repped plus models from across the country that wanted to improve their portfolios. Also, I work regularly for Kiyonna.com, a plus sized designer/retailer, when they shoot their magazine ads and catalogue. No, I don’t get to pick the clothes on this job … but I do pick some accessories, do the fitting and adjustments, so some prop styling and work on the set, just as I do on models’ portfolio shoots. And I’ll be working for the new and improved Alectra.com site (first round of pictures already shot, but not published yet … coming soon).

Any model who wants to build a professional portfolio would be advised to really kick it up a few notches (since they are in competition with so many other girls) by hiring a great professional team for their photo shoots. This should include a skilled makeup artist, a hair stylist (if the M/U artist does not do hair) and a fashion/wardrobe stylist. These people should be experienced in fashion shoots and be prepared to change your look several times for maximum impact.

A fashion stylist provides the wardrobe and accessories, based on her consultations with those that are involved: typically the model, the photographer and the agent. The know-how that a stylist brings to the table includes knowing how to present the model with the right look to sell her to potential clients, knowing what looks great on camera and what won’t work well. Most of what a model wears day to day, will not work for a fashion shoot… too common, fabrics that photograph poorly, garments that are not flattering on camera and a style that is not right for the model’s market. Fashion shots represent a fantasy or an image; not life as it really is. And most importantly, a stylist who works well with plus models knows how to flatter the different figure types to insure that she will look her best (my specialty).

A stylist also works closely with the photographer and makeup artist on set. Just before the shoot, the final fittings are done, the decisions are made about which looks are going to be used and how many hair and makeup changes will be done to complete the various looks. Then the model goes into makeup (probably an hour or so) while the stylist preps the wardrobe by steaming, pressing and laying out the looks being used. On set, the stylist will be at the model’s side to insure that the garments fit and drape right, that there are no gaps or wrinkles and that everything looks perfect from the photographer’s viewpoint. This is done with pins, clamps and tape and lots of insider tricks. Adjustments are made constantly, to insure that it’s right before the shutter clicks. All the model has to do is to hold still and look gorgeous while her team swarms around her, making sure everything is perfect.

So that’s how it usually goes on a test (A.K.A. portfolio shoot). I hope this gives you some insight about what a stylist does.

I am looking for paid assignments, both commercial and miscellaneous gigs like model’s portfolio shoots. I also provide wardrobe consultation and personal shopping services, for anyone who wants to improve their wardrobe (and actually keep the clothes!). I’m not interested in doing TFP’s, but wish to work for serious working models that are starting or adding to their portfolios.

Bette Tilch
Fashion Stylist
Los Angeles

Link: My oother site; for Plus Models
Posted at 05:55 PM on Jan 11, 2004

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