Help what is going on...?

Fishbone - Model
(Model Massachusetts, United States)

Hey friends. I have posted new pics several time and asked for comments...? Did I offend someone...? How come none is commenting..?

Posted at 09:18 PM on Jul 22, 2008
MissMichelle - Model
(Model California, United States)

Hello there! I do not think anyone is intentionally avoiding commenting, I just do not think the "plus" forum on here is that active.

You only have one full length shot, and in that one your figure is a bit obscured by the large jacket, so it is hard to get a good sense of your shape.

There is a very active forum at and lots of working and aspiring plus models visit the forum frequently. You may want to check that out.

You appear to have nice skin, nice eyes, and a lovely smile. I would say the best thing to do at this point is not to look for the opinions of people on internet forums and to go and visit an agency and see what they have to say. At 5'8", and what appears by your measurements to be a size 14/16, it would not hurt for you to be an inch taller, but you will never know until you go check it out. Seeing you are on the East Coast, I would submit to some agencies out there.

Posted at 08:51 PM on Jul 23, 2008
Fishbone - Model
(Model Massachusetts, United States)

THanks for the advice. I will come visit there instead. Thanks for replying too. I only have 5 slots here so it's hard to post many pics.

Link: Website
Posted at 12:27 AM on Jul 24, 2008
ChineseFlames - Model
(Model New York, United States)

Hi Fishbone, I'm Leora Matzelle - I'm also an up and coming plus model. Just checking out the forum cause I'm new to the industry (very) and Musecube. I'm having the same issue so I thought I'd give a comment being we are in a similar boat. Your pics definitely show your face and your look is great for plus modeling! As far as the full body pics I have the same problem. Just send out as many pics to the real agencies and get two or three more body pics with fitted flattering styles of wardrobe and from a good angle that shows your height and shape!! Otherwise you seem to be on a great path and I wish you the best! Feel free to check out my pics - i'm sad to say at this point my pics are the most non pro you can get but they show my features. The pics I have that are good are too big too post up on here. So I'm very aware I need pics that show full body and other expresions/smile but I'd love to know what other models think of my look.

-ChineseFlames (Leora M.)26 NYC

Posted at 07:19 PM on Mar 15, 2009
marywehrhahn - Photographer
(Photographer New York, United States)

I must admit. I've gotten tired of taking time out to comment because so many people don't appreciate the effort and if they do, it goes unnoticed. There are many who post once and then vanish into thin air. No thank you and goodbyes even. Just get what they come for & poof!


Posted at 07:16 AM on Mar 18, 2009

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