Tmax reciprocity failure

gvbrown - Photographer
(Photographer Michigan, United States)

I'm curious if anyone has had much experience dealing with reciprocity failure and Tmax films (specifically tmax 100, 120).

The typical exposure times I'm dealing with are 22 to 30 seconds.

The information I've found thus far seems to be conflicting - in some cases, no exposure compensation is suggested, in others, an increase between 20 and 35 seconds is recommended (as well as alterations to the film development process).

Does anyone have any experience with this particular film, or is there a better medium format film for dealing with longer exposures?

Thanks -

Geoff B

Posted at 01:05 PM on Apr 11, 2005
gvbrown - Photographer
(Photographer Michigan, United States)

I came across a Fuji Acros 100, which has no reciprocity failure for exposures up to 80 seconds or so.

Any feedback on this particular film?

Geoff B

Posted at 01:10 PM on Apr 11, 2005
McGowanPhoto - Photographer
(Photographer Arizona, United States)

I've never really used much T-Max that way, but I have noticed that under/over exposure looks very different on the film using different developers.

My expectation is that you have found conflicting information because the film responds quite differently to different developers. It appears exposure latitude is greater with some than others.

The most likely scenario is to use Kodak's own T-Max developer (which has about the best latitude) and bump up the exposure by anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 stop.

I never used the Fuji film, but I'd pretty much rely on their spec sheet. They haven't let me down yet for other films.

Posted at 05:35 PM on Apr 11, 2005
MarkFix - Photographer
(Photographer Colorado, United States)

Have you tried Kodak VP in 120. It is more contrasty that TMY and produces good black and white, with a narrower gray scale in the middle tones than TMY. As far as reciprocity limits, I cannot quote them from memmory, however, the person I learned from always overexposed by about 1/2 stop. His theory, if the negative is dense, add more time. If too thin, nothing to print. He liked and produced edgy black and whites with VP.
Mark Fix

Posted at 11:13 PM on Apr 11, 2005

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