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(Photographer California, United States)

I know there are a great deal of well documented scams aimed at models, but what about the IFPO's, books and other scams aimed at photographers?

There are the NY Institute of Photography 'correspondence school' types, with dated 1970s materials, that at one point might have been ok.

You all know by now how rough I am on the industry in general, but I think it is about flippin' time someone spoke up for us. Not those crap asmp, apa, ppa organizations filled with the stench of Bengay and 'they way it used to be' rhetoric that allow you to buy a title for the right price.

Workshops, photodays/events 'shootouts' all work to dillute us from finding a goal.

Who the hell is defending our usage fee rights? Who is working for collective bargaining power when it comes to being self employed and needing medical/dental or insurance? Who is doing something and not just taking money?

Yes there is a resurgence in photography since the digital revolution, and though I do not and will not shoot pixels, it reflects a new generation and new thinking.

Seems like the 'guilds' in Hollywood are built around taking care of their members. The ASC (American Society of Cinematographers) and SAG actually do something for your membership.

BTW this all stems from renewing all my insurance and having to put up bonds for 8 shoots across a one week period, that involve all the same players, but the scenes change, and I have to get individual bonds for each and every location as opposed to the way the film biz does it as one policy for the flick covering all the properties at once. They are nailing me with fees for each filing. Frustrating to say the least.

Posted at 05:46 PM on May 17, 2004
testshootcom - Photographer
(Photographer California, United States)

I seldom hear from IFPO & PPA only solicits attending their "classes & workshops".

Yeah, what I expected. Most organizations are not as specialized as the name implies. There are great small business associations and the nat'l asociation for the self employed, that in general do equipment financing, insurance eand so on. Maybe less focused on the outside by not directly referencing photography, but none-the-less worthwhile.

Overall I was taken myself by IFPO, NYIP. Spectrum and other 'agencies' or 'managers'

Now I cry crocodile tears for models that get in to an agency but do nothing, but I am peeved that after you get your gear and spend a fortune on film/computers, that people prey on the ignorance or insecurities of others. Heck what does it cost a model to be a model, nada. To be a photographer, heck, amazing hardships.

Some groups are just clubs of people that either bash you for not joining or if you do you gain nothing that addresses your style or interests.

John Shaw I am sure is a great guy, but he and his peers are worthless to pretty much any of us shooting models for agencies. So groups pop-up claiming to address these proprietary needs we have. Forming weak organizations, charging memberships, printing out titles for a price, etc...

Random thought:
So in general there are few organizations to close down the pop-up shops, advise on how we can handle our taxes, what is or is not a write off, and what can i say, i pray priority check out at stores. If one person buys profoto it is say $1899 for a pack, when the organization takes pre orders for a group buy and rather than financing retail prices, goes to a distributor for a group buy, price is then what $1699/pack? i don't need to join a group that will finance a retail value plus x%

Posted at 01:07 AM on Jun 03, 2004

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