Canon 5D MII discontinued?

EL_PIC - Photographer
(Photographer Texas, United States)

My thoughts exactly on 5D MKII vs MKIII.
I have heard it will be continued for a while due to MKIII being more the D800.
But I would not wait and did pick up a Canon Refurb for $1750 with 400 clicks.
Thats half the MK III price and since I dont do action sports types - no way I will do a MKIII {not untill the MKIV anyway}. The CLP makes it 20% less.
Your best deals are always the older model and I think the faster and better AF is more Canon marketing hype than actual. Unless you can quote exact data in seconds to focus and # of OOF images with exact same settings lenes ... you really dont know.
" Advertising is the art of selling something to someone who often does not need it nor can often afford it " Will Rodgers circa 1920

Posted at 11:50 AM on Jul 09, 2012
Grandart - Photographer
(Photographer Illinois, United States)

The MkII is an excellent camera and I did what El Pic described, I picked up a refurb camera from Canon as my second MkII, the 'just-in-case' body. With Nikon out there with a 36mp camera, Canon can't be too far behind; it may be until next year that they announce, but in the meantime I have the security and use of a second camera at a decent price.

Posted at 07:53 PM on Oct 22, 2012
EL_PIC - Photographer
(Photographer Texas, United States)

FYI - Canon now is offering the Refurb 5D MK II at $1495 and 5D MK III at $2395 ..

Posted at 08:59 AM on Mar 21, 2013

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