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jmb59 - Photographer
(Photographer Michigan, United States)

Photographers! The Spring Break Fashion Event Win clothing and fashions
Register NOW

* Free lunch provided.

* Pre register...$50 to "meet and greet" (No booth set up, just an entry fee, shoot at the community shooting area)...$60 at the door.

*$100 - $250 to "shoot the booty". (Set up your own private shooting booth and shoot all you want, ***Price is determined by size of booth space you require***) 2 space sizes to choose... small is $100, and large area is $250. You have your own private studio space! (YOU PROVIDE THE EQUIPMENT)

*To the first 10 paid photographers that show up at the event: Receive 1 swimsuit each of your choice...values to $75 (Do whatever you want with them, keep them for future shoots or give them to your favorite model when she shoots for you.)


* Photographers, for every paid model you get to attend, then you get a $10 credit towards your fee, which will be rebated back to you at the model expo. For each paying model you get to sign up under your name, you, the photographer get a rebate of $10. (Example: Your fee is $50, get 1 model to sign up at $15 each, you get a $10 rebate up to $50- Reserved a $100 shooting area? 3 paid models = $30 rebate... 10 paid models, you get $100 rebate back.) Get the registration form here. Place your name where it says "photographer referral", and give or email it to your invited models. There is no limit to pass out, and your rebate credit may not exceed your total registration cost. Find enough models to attend, and you not only get to participate for free, you also get a free lunch..."who says there is no such thing as a free lunch"!

Link: The Midwest's Models Search
Posted at 06:36 PM on Oct 10, 2006

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