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diamond - Model
(Model Indiana, United States)

I'm not a photographer but a model. I have a question for the photographers out there regarding compensation. I had a photographer who I have worked with before email me about doing another photoshoot together. This would be simply for our portfolios. He lives about 2 hrs away from where I live so he offered to pay travel/hotel expenses if I wanted to stay overnight. My question is at what point would a photographer go from offering TFP to compensating a model for her work?

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Posted at 03:49 PM on Mar 02, 2006
diamond - Model
(Model Indiana, United States)

Thank you both for responding.

James you mentioned that you find model's inablity to recognize basic business philosophies appaling.

No offense but how is someone inexperienced in the business supposed to learn the "philosophies" without asking? I thought that's what these forums were for. Also you mentioned that you find "internet models" amusing. What do you consider an internet model? A model who has their pictures on the internet??

I've signed contracts with two different agencies and neither one of them got me any work. I need updated photos to sent out to agents (in bigger towns), since the last time I did a shoot was a year and a half ago.

The only reason I posted this here is because a friend of mine was asking why a photographer would pay me since I'm not in demand. The photographer that offered to cover travel expenses has a new background and lighting techniques he wants to try out and he likes my look and enjoyed working with me the last time so he wants me to come back. I think it's a nice jesture for him to offer to help with expenses. Maybe he's just a nice guy.

Posted at 09:41 AM on Mar 04, 2006
McGowanPhoto - Photographer
(Photographer Arizona, United States)

Not everybody does fashion work, or even portraiture. Some photographers do art or stock images, for which they'll pay subjects/models a small amount.

Why small? Because art and stock don't often pay off right away. So, it would be years before a given image makes anything for the shooter.

Photographers with pay sites will pay, because they're getting value for the money.

And occasionally a photographer may work on a calendar project or some such where the models should be glamour, not fashion. In those cases, he/she may pay the models directly.

But generally, models and photographers need to realize that the money comes from clients. As long as models and photographers are depending on money from each other, they're doomed to be at the lowest level of modeling/photography.

Posted at 06:03 PM on Mar 05, 2006

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