Things to do with your 35mm SLR

model4us2 - Photographer
(Photographer Illinois, United States)

Many of you are wondering what to
with that old SLR.
Here we go...
They make excellent paperweights.
String two together and protect
yourself Bruce Lee style.
Use them as conversation starters
at parties. Leave them out and
people will be confused as to how they
Put funny clothes on them for birthday
Glued together they work as art
Hey this is all in fun for all you
film users.

Posted at 09:16 PM on Jul 11, 2005
McGowanPhoto - Photographer
(Photographer Arizona, United States)

The other day, when the heat fried my batteries in the DSLR, I considered this thread. My totally manual Nikon F or even the FM would have been useful to take pictures of the lovely but temporarily disabled Fuji S2.

We always joked about the old Nikons that being mechanical, they would work in just about any situation. I had that truism rubbed in my face as I recharged the camera batteries ... and replaced the depleted ones with some AA's so I could resume shooting.

Those warhorses on the shelf never would have had that problem.

Posted at 12:38 PM on Jul 24, 2005
McGowanPhoto - Photographer
(Photographer Arizona, United States)

If you can afford an insurance policy for the Canon, take it. Use a Nikon or two as backup, but shoot digital. You'll love the results.

(If you can't afford the insurance, use the Nikons. They've paid for themselves many times over, I suspect.)

Posted at 10:11 AM on Jul 25, 2005
testshootcom - Photographer
(Photographer California, United States)

Build a fort with them
Use them as doorstops
Use your lenses to hammer in nails or crack walnuts
Make a fireplace with them instead of bricks

or be nostalgic and remember when only professionals had them and admire their skill for their craft that is lost on people that still can't take a good picture to save their lives even with all this technology to back them up.

Posted at 10:31 PM on Jul 26, 2005

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