Missing equipment

jeffmedina43 - Photographer
(Photographer Iowa, United States)

I had a drunken assistant steal quite a bit of equipment when I was out teaching a class.If anyone every tries to sell the following equipment for best offer price or trade,it is most likely stolen.Email me.
Jeff Medina/Indie Photographic Services
The following things are missing:
NikonD2X,NikonD3,NikonD3 with 300MM zoom attached.,NikonF5,3-NikonN90's,1-Nikon28-80MMzoom lens(G TYPE),1-180MM Zoom lens F2.8. If any of these items are offered from SE Iowa,they are stolen.They have hidden distinguishing marks on them which I and the police have a record of.If the person offering them tries to get a job as an assistant from you,contact me.Tell me his name,I can tell if it is the thief or not.Thank you.
Jeff Medina/Indie Photographic Services

Posted at 02:57 PM on May 20, 2008
Starburstphotography - Photographer
(Photographer Canada)

Sorry to hear about the loss of your equipment.
I think they should make tougher laws for people that steal photographers cameras and equipment.

I think it should carry the same punishment as stealing a horse did back in the old days..

Posted at 04:16 AM on Jul 30, 2009

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