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gvbrown - Photographer
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We've done a series of pretty major updates on the site this morning which will allow for users to enable or disable content filtering for the site.

The content filter will block any image that is marked as having adult content. Additionally, sections of the site which deal specifically with "adult" content are not available when the content filter is enabled.

Presently the content filter only deals with content on the MuseCube site, and doesn't effect content in the member portfolios at this time. My reasoning for this is due to the fact that many members host their websites using MuseCube, and at present, I don't want to force filtering on people's personal sites.

That said, there's a few updates coming which will address filtering at the profile level... many details and changes there, which I'll discuss with the next round of updates.

To enable or disable your content filter, you must login to your MuseCube account. The filtering option is turned on by default for non-members, and turned off by default for members. The content filter toggle is found in the top nav bar after logging in. It does not do a page refresh, so filtering will appear after you browse to the next page, or do a page refresh.

Lastly, since the content filter was added a few years after the site was launched, there will be images that are not flagged properly (as well as images that are flagged improperly to begin with).

Moderators will have the ability to reclassify and flag images with the next update. I'm hoping to have these last round of changes out in the next week or two.

Again, these changes were VERY extensive, effecting a lot of code, database changes, etc - while I've tested the hell out of it, if you see any issues, please email me directly.


Posted at 02:00 PM on Jun 29, 2009

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