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gvbrown - Photographer
(Photographer Michigan, United States)

Two updates today -

We've added a paging feature to the critique gallery, so you can browse smaller sections of the gallery at a time. This makes it a bit easier to see the new images amongst all of the images posted. We'll be adding more sorting options in the future.

The messaging feature of the site has changed somewhat. Previously, we allowed members without images to send messages through the site. This option was for agencies and photographers who didn't wish to be listed or have images on the site. We have now removed this option, so only members with photos and portfolios that have been reviewed and approved may send messages. The decision to make this change was fueled by some of the scams and non-legimate agencies that we have seen appearing lately.

If you have the "allow non-member messages" option enabled, you will still be able to receive messages from from non-members. There were no changes to that aspect of the messaging system.

Bigger things are on the way. Stay tuned -

Geoff B

Posted at 01:42 PM on Jun 20, 2007

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