New Design: Aphid Reflux

gvbrown - Photographer
(Photographer Michigan, United States)

I've put another new design online today. I'm using it as my site presently, if you'd like an example.

There's a few different things going on with this one. If you have any issues with it let me know - though we've tested it from just about every angle we could think of.

Geoff B

Posted at 12:00 PM on Apr 19, 2006
McGowanPhoto - Photographer
(Photographer Arizona, United States)

It seems a bunch of your new designs have glitches when viewed in Firefox on a Mac.

For instance, you can't scroll from thumbnail to thumbnail in your new design. Since each thumbnail grows with a rollover, it hides all adjoining thumbnails. Thus, you have to move the mouse off the thumbs and go back to find another you'd like to view. That's time consuming, frustrating and downright infuriating in large doses.

I know you Web design folks like gimmicks. But I'm a consumer of images for my newspaper as well as a producer. So, when I'm trying to find something I want/need, I like the interface to be simple and direct.

Posted at 03:31 PM on Apr 19, 2006
gvbrown - Photographer
(Photographer Michigan, United States)

I've spaced those out a bit more, and made the thumbs slightly larger. That should help anyway.

Any other issues, let me know.

Posted at 04:56 PM on Apr 19, 2006

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