MuseCube Update Feb 2006

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MuseCube Update, February 2006

  • The launch of the MuseCube Marketplace
  • MuseCube Turns Three
  • New Office Location
  • Upcoming Events

The launch of the MuseCube Marketplace

Our biggest news this month is the announcement of the launch of the MuseCube Marketplace.

The Marketplace is a collection of works created by MuseCube members, and available for purchase by the general public.  The marketplace is an extension of our eCommerce service, launched in December 2005, and represents all of the images available for purchase on MuseCube, which can be browsed by category or by artist. 

To help sell your art through MuseCube, we will be devoting a portion of our advertising budget specifically toward the promotion of the pieces featured in this section of the site.  Since art sold through the Marketplace is available to the general public, not just MuseCube members, we will be advertising this section through a number of external sites, which will help to create additional exposure for these pieces. 

To help promote the works appearing in the marketplace, we have established a direct feed through Google, so that products appearing in the MuseCube marketplace will also appear in Google's catalog of products, alongside those featured on other major internet marketplaces.

Lastly, on March 1, we will be moving to a new office building, which will provide us more space for growth, and support some of our future plans.  It is our goal to decorate the new space with work from MuseCube members, purchased through the Marketplace. 

Complete information regarding setup and configuration of your eCommerce account can be found in the "help" section of the MuseCube website.

MuseCube Turns Three

Another year goes by!  At MuseCube, we've always strived to do things differently, and go beyond being just another "modeling site".  It has never been our goal to be the biggest, but rather, to be the best at what we do.  Through discussions with some of our members, we've found that most people want to get more out of their membership on modeling sites - either by getting a better return on their investment, or connecting with more reliable talent.  We will be addressing both of these things through some unique features we are in the process of developing.  Stay tuned!

New office location

Once again, we are moving to a larger office location to support our growth over the past year.  There will be no interruption in your services or access to your accounts during this time.  Our mailing address and phone numbers will remain the same. 

Along with the new office, we will be establishing a second data center in Mid-april.  This will ensure that we have redundant services in the event of a network outage or other catastrophy.  We are also in the process of finishing development on a couple of new projects, which will be announced soon.

Upcoming Events

Lucky Seven Competition

The Lucky Seven Competition is a national campaign for talented young models, photographers, and makeup artists – all battling it out for an all-expense paid trip for seven days to anywhere around the world for the next seven years.  Each entry costs $1 with 50% of the proceeds donated directly to the American Red Cross Hurricane Disaster Relief Fund.  Official rules can be found on the Openshoot website.  

Imagination Expo 2006

June 2-4, 2006, Kansas City, MO. Modeling & Photography Seminars and Trade show. This is an excellent opportunity to network with those in the Modeling/Photography business, and a way for you to showcase your merchandise and portfolios. Show will feature seminars from many well know industry photographers, makeup artists and models. More info:
Imagination Expo 2006

Midwest Fashion Expo 2006

Coming in 2006 - The follow up to this year's Midwest Model Expo. Information on dates and location is yet to come. They are presently seeking fashion companies to provide clothing and vendors to participate in the upcoming expo. More information:
Midwest Model Expo

In closing...

I'd like to thank everyone for another great year. We have a couple of new and exciting features and projects which we will be announcing in the coming months - stay tuned!

Geoffrey Brown


Posted at 10:43 AM on Feb 14, 2006

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