Simplify - Model
(Model Canada)

Hello to Everyone,

I am glad to see all of you who have responded.....WOW. I also wanted to give you all an UpDate on the Sites to Come. Please keep in mind, that creating a WebSite, several, is alot of work, and does take time to build, to be a Success.
With saying this, myself and Partner's have not concluded who will or won't be on the sites. NOT YET!!! As I have stated, we are AMAZED at how many people have replied, but delighted... :) In the next few weeks, we are aiming for the end of Febuary, to have choosen and contacted the Models we would like to invite onboard with us. Please...if we have not contacted you, do not get worried, it just means that we are having to choose between alot of you. I, myself will be in contact with each and everyone of you, my word is sincere.
In respect, we have noticed some Models who are beautiful, but so young. This is not a bad thing by all means, but we are only willing to work with Models over the legal age.....In the United States, we want you to be at least 21 years old (this includes all Countries WorldWide), except Canada, as the legal age is 18 years old. We are not meaning to sound or imply that the age of some of you, is why we do not choose you, but with Nudity and Implied Nudity being on some of these sites, we are not comfortable with younger Models. For example, if you have replied to us, and at that time you were 17 years old in Canada, but will be 18 years old when we launch these sites, than please tell us this, as you may have been not choosen due to your age at your Submission. Also, we will be asking for Identification to be sure of your age, and other Q's and Contracts that will pertain to THE MODEL and THE SITES, at the time when we have made our choices.
We realize that you all have questions, and are awaiting the answer's, we are working to get your gerneral questions answered. But we will answer all questions in a private manner. So, if you do have concerns, Q's, and want more information, I do ask that you be patient as I will get in touch with you, VERY SOON!!! Also, we are only going to accept any new Models interested for just a few more weeks. The DEADLINE IS FEBUARY 13TH, 2004. this is the last day for any SUBMISSIONS!!! So, if you have not yet placed a Submission, please do so ASAP. In the case that you have not read our requirements, we do expect the following; Age, Location, Work Interests, and 1 Face and 1 Full Body (no nudes, please) Photo that is recent. As always, you may contact me at the following E-mail Address's, and if you have a website for us to view, that will be just as good as your 2 Photo's, I hope I have helped to re-assure most of you and are still eager to become a part of the Sites, I can be reached at the following;

Sincerely, with Best Wishes, Simplify...aka...Eve

Posted at 02:09 AM on Jan 18, 2004

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