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gvbrown - Photographer
(Photographer Michigan, United States)

I've made a few more updates to the site today.

First, some background.

When we began developing MuseCube, one of the things that I heard most often about the "other" services was how many of them listed outdated portfolios, inactive and unresponsive talent, etc.

Introducing "MuseRate"
To overcome these shortcomings, we've developed the "MuseRate" system. This system is quite complex, and takes into account a number of factors used to rate the responsiveness of an individual member on the site, as well as the quality of portfolio, and other important factors.

We've been tuning the ranking algorithm quite a bit over the past few days. We believe that it is pretty close to where it needs to be. You will see the MuseRate system as a sorting option in all of the search methods on the site, as well as an option in the "most popular" listings.

Use of the MuseRate System should provide:

  • Higher quality / more experienced results shown first
  • More active / responsive users listed first (so you won't waste your time contacting people that aren't answering or reading their messages).
  • Fairer sorting for newer members (the older system gave preference to older members)

You can get more information on the MuseRate system in our help system. I've included a link to the specific article at the end of this section. If you aren't satisfied with your rating, we have provided some tips on how to improve your ranking.

The MuseRate rankings are updated at least once per day.

I would be very interested in hearing your feedback on this system.

Activity Meters
You will now see an activity meter returned with all search results on the website. This is an indicator of how active and responsive the member is to inquiries and referrals.

The system is quite simple:

  • Users who's meter shows green are highly active
  • Users who's meter shows yellow are moderately active
  • Users who's meter shows red are less active
  • Users who's meter shows no color are rarely active
  • Users who do not have enough criteria to be rated will show "not rated".

You will notice that the activity meters closely correspond with the MuseRate sorting results (more active users are generally shown first). Note that this is an important factor in the MuseRate rankings, but is by far not the only factor.

Additions to the Search Functions
We've rewritten the search queries and optimized them for faster response time. They never were slow, and we never had any complaints about the search forms… it just seemed like a fun way to spend a Saturday morning…

You can also sort searches by:

  • MuseRate score
  • Most Popular
  • Newest Members
  • Recently Updated

Many people asked for the ability to apply different sorting criteria, so… there it is!

That about covers it…
As always, we've still got a few more things in the works. I'd be interested in hearing your feedback on these changes!

Geoff B

Link: The Official Word on MuseRate
Posted at 11:04 PM on May 31, 2003

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