Simplify - Model
(Model Canada)

Looking for models who want to be on a paying website. Models who are interested, should know that there will be two (2) different sites!! One will contain non-porn (Classy, Eleglant, etc.), and another which will be Soft Porn. The website will be up and coming soon.

Just get back to me for any Info needed, and please send the following if you are interested;

- What kind of modeling you do, and won't do.
- One pic at least, showing a face shot, and body shot.
- Any information WILL be kept confidential.

**NOTE** These sites will be online soon, so please get back to me ASAP! You do get paid, which will be discussed if you are contacted back.

Sincerely, Simplify

Posted at 05:20 PM on Nov 17, 2003
jasminejade - Model
(Model Canada)

im interested please check out my profile and contact me thank you

Posted at 09:42 PM on Nov 18, 2003
Simplify - Model
(Model Canada)

Hi there,
I wanted to let you know, as well as this being posted on the forum, that myself and Partner (s), will be recieveing all interested MODELS in regards to the sites. We WILL get back to you, as soon as we have choosen the models/actress's who will be on the site.
This may take up to a month, at the latest, WE ARE HOPING!!! We will get back to all who do apply. You do need to have a photo, and contact info, for us to see and/or contact you. Please remember this!
As in respect as a Model myself, I know how the waitting can become discouraging, so we will be in touch with all who are interested.
We hope you understand, and we will be contacting you all, as soon as possible. And we will talk to you all soon.
Keep in mind, THIS IS PAID WORK, AND VERY GOOD PAY. THIS IS NOT, what so ever, a SCAM, I myself know how a scam can hurt.

Sincerely, Simplify & Partner

Posted at 11:43 PM on Nov 19, 2003

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