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To all interested,

I'm currently completing my forthcoming book project Naked Truth this summer and I'm looking for the right models to complete the project. This book celebrates natures form. It's comprised of (all black and white) landscapes, still life, and environmental fine art nudes.

I have photographed dozens of non-agency models and found those to be some of the most beautiful and powerful shoots. I'm not looking for just great models, the book is comprised of celebrities, models, family members and real world people.

As you can see by the sample images on the link. I respect boundaries, I'm not out to photograph anyones 'hoo hoo'. These images are in the best of taste and class.

You can have a look at some of the images at - http://www.avenaim.com - use the pull down menu for Books and Fine Art to see the work in progress. There you will see Naked Truth along with other book and gallery images. You can also see some of my editorial images here and on my website link.

HTML - http://www.avenaim.com
FLASH - http://www.jerryavenaim.com

Compensation is a signed gift print from the shoot. And I can shoot something simple fashion or beauty for your portfolio while we're on location as I have for the 100 or so models that have participated. A photo release is required.

Hope to hear from you!

Jerry Avenaim

Link: Jerry Avenaim Photography
Posted at 06:44 PM on Apr 03, 2008

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