Any new artists who want their work critiqued?

AnthonyCramer - Photographer
(Photographer California, United States)

Sure, would love to here your input/review/screen/comments on some of my work/site that I have posted here on MC A.Cramer

Posted at 08:24 AM on Nov 20, 2004
Veronica121679 - Model
(Model New Jersey, United States)

My name is Veronica Panyko. I am a plus model and professional certified makeup artist residing in northern New Jersey, right outside of New York City.
I have always been a naturally gifted artist, infatuated with the fashion industry and deeply in love with art. I always knew that my heart was in the arts on various mediums. While growing up, I tried to discover exactly where my artistic talents would play a role in my life and career. I studied art of all types in high school, participated in the Art Honor Society, Teens Arts Festival, Gifted and Talented program; studied illustration, sculpture and painting.
In college I wanted to make a career out of my developing talents, but wasn't sure which direction to take. After six months of Interior Design, I decided to switch my major to pursue Fashion Marketing, evidently where my heart really was. I graduated Berkeley College with an ASD in Applied Science for Fashion Marketing and Management in 2001, on the top of my class.

In early 2005 I completed a MUA certification program through iMpeccable IMage Inc. I realized that makeup artistry was where I "belonged" in the art & fashion world.
I finally feel like this is what I am here to do, and I finally found what I was missing in my life. Although I continue to persue plus modeling, my heart and soul will always be devoted to makeup artistry.

I would love to hear some feedback. Please visit . Thanks!

Posted at 10:16 AM on Feb 20, 2005

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