hair stylist neded in L.A.

testshootcom - Photographer
(Photographer California, United States)

I need a hair person to help out on a fashion test shoot for a start
up magazine. The test is done on an all white backdrop in the City of
Commerce. Check a shoot I did for a client as an example.

The style is fashion, high end styling but versatile enough for us to
shoot european glamour, with Giselle Samson, and possibly 1 other
model. Think the late Helmut Newton, not Baywatch/Playboy big hair.

Be creative, these could be shots for your book. The general theme is
high fashion, aimed at a savvy consumer, so it is not just pix of
girls in clothes, we need to gel on the idea. I personally value hair
as an intregal part of any shoot.

The shoot will be during the week, most likely around Friday the 13th
of February. Present will be the magazine's editor, studio manager,
model, make up person one or two other magazine people, myself and
you. Being a test shoot, budget is minimal and out of pocket for me,
so please be kind, this will be us as a team if it takes off.

No drop offs, thank you. Contact [::tSc::]

Link: [::tSc::] Test Shoot .com
Posted at 09:03 PM on Jan 31, 2004

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