goth hair advice

melodyham - Model
(Model Florida, United States)

okay. here it goes. i am going to be doing a goth shoot soon. well, as soon as i figure out how to get the goth look.
the makeup aspect of it is taken care of. hair....
i cant seem to find a temp dark dye to work on my lightened hair. any suggestions? some advice on good styles for this type of thing will be appreciated too.
this is definitly going to be a learning experience for me!

Posted at 02:09 PM on Feb 16, 2006
melodyham - Model
(Model Florida, United States)

thanks for the input. i definitely dont want nasty with a capital N. you may have just saved me hundreds on a hair appointment!
hummm...blonde goth. interesting. i think i may be able to work something with that. i will let that idea simmer for awhile.

Posted at 05:38 PM on Feb 16, 2006
melodyham - Model
(Model Florida, United States)

wonderful stuff!!!!

the link to the model has some great images. my mind is racing with new thought on the whole situation.
i look forward to getting advice from you on such things in the near future.
i will definitly be in contact.

Posted at 12:43 AM on Feb 27, 2006

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