Inactivity Purge

gvbrown - Photographer
(Photographer Michigan, United States)

Hey all -

We have initiated the first phase of our user refresh today.

Older accounts which have been abandoned, inactive, or unresponsive, have been removed from our directory.

As some of you know, we began MuseCube back in 2003. Our service (as well as our membership) has grown and evolved since then. Over the years, we have occasionally purged our system of users that are inactive or otherwise not contributing to our current efforts. This should help to ensure that our current member base is responsive and active on our service.

As mentioned previously, we have a few concurrent efforts underway to increase our current membership, as well as improve the overall effectiveness of using the MuseCube service. We always welcome your suggestions as we move forward!

Thanks -
Geoff B

Posted at 10:14 AM on Jun 30, 2020
Grandart - Photographer
(Photographer Illinois, United States)

That is the best news yet. Getting rid of the deadwood is essential to this site.

Posted at 02:53 PM on Jun 30, 2020
JandCphotos - Photographer
(Photographer California, United States)

Excellent news......might bring some life into the site.
I’m still not understanding how/why I am getting “Likes” from ports/models that the newest photos are from 2003-2007...can anyone explain? I even sent the oneS that were near me messages As well as some others and have heard nothing back.

Posted at 04:06 PM on Jul 01, 2020
gvbrown - Photographer
(Photographer Michigan, United States)

I believe you should see less of the activity you're describing. We did identify what appeared to be some suspicious activity on some accounts which was being used to inflate likes, etc. Those accounts were removed as a part of the purge.

Geoff B

Posted at 08:16 AM on Jul 07, 2020

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