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Hey All -
We've spent a portion of the past week working with some users, reviewing how people interact with and use different features on the site.

Based on a number of different suggestions, we've revised the profile section of the site to make the user experience smoother.

Here's what's changed:

- We've put your image stream up front in the portfolios, replacing the (sometimes) lengthy amounts of text that was displayed there previously - so your work is right up front now. User detail can be found under the "about" section now. Your most recent 50 images will be displayed in this section also.

- If you have multiple portfolios, these are available on the top of the first page of your profile for easier access. This greatly improves the experience of browsing your work when you are on a mobile device. Plus, it looks pretty cool when you have more than one portfolio to view!

- Thumbnail style displays now show up consistently in a 3 image per row format, which also helps to make the mobile / desktop experience more consistent.

- Your about section will also show on the top of your main profile page, if you have entered this information. If not, it doesn't show - so it looks a little empty. It's better to have more info!

Bottom line - these new profiles put your work right up front, and look great when you have a complete profile (about section, more images, multiple portfolios, etc). We encourage you to update your information!

More to come!

Posted at 03:51 PM on Apr 24, 2018

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