Cynthia Leigh

New Orleans, Louisiana
United States
New Orleans, Louisiana
United States

Cynthia Leigh

Who am I and what do I offer?
-Professionalism & Reliability--This is my day job.
-Growing, one-of-a-kind wardrobe
-I've appeared in 20+ films & TV shows
-Part of the 8% of women with a true hourglass figure
-Natural Look with no tattoos or piercings. (Scar on right wrist & hair is dyed.)
-Experience in front of & behind the camera with lighting, editing, & shooting.
-Possible print credit (Tearsheets in my port are from my efforts!)

Pay or Trade Only
-Non-nude Stock: Costumes, Lifestyle, etc
-Groupshoots or Workshops
-Implied or artistic nudes (case-by-case)
-Travel to You
-Wardrobe Only, my stylist account is MM#1681812.

My TF Req's
-2-4 EDITED images (I do not need a raw cd.)
-Permission in the contract to submit them for print
-Decent turnaround on images (2 weeks is fine, 2 months is questionable)
-Previous agreed upon 1-for-1 concept
One of these:
For one of these:
+Hard Science Fiction (Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, etc)
+Dramatic Period Recreation (Historical Paintings)
+Imaginary Creatures (Location Heavy)
+Film, Print, & Comic Book Heroines (In the style portrayed/drawn in.)
+Unique Commercial/Editorial Shots
+Trashion/Haute Couture

Locations I'm Looking For
-Abandoned Buildings or Factories
-Unique Statues, Facades, or Fountains in places other than City Park & FQ
-Picturesque Rooftops, Balconies, or Bridges
-Plantations/1700-1800s House/40s-50s-style location (No Diners!)
-Vintage Cars or Almost any make/model/style of Motorcycle

My Schedule
*Sorry, no gigs/shoots Tu & Th morning due to class!*
27th & 29th=Promo Gig - Quiznos
2nd=Unavailable-24 Hr Comic Day
1st-3rd=Unavailable-Gretna Heritage Fest
4th=OPEN (Paid/Trade Only)
5th & 7th=Promo Gig - Quiznos
6th, 8th, 9th, 10th, & 11th=OPEN (Paid/Trade Only)
15th & 16th=Unavailable - Oktoberfest
17th=Pending Photoshoot - "Hallow's Eve Harlots" Shootout (ONLY TF for Oct)
18th, 20th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, & 25th=OPEN (Paid/Trade Only)
29th, 30th, & 31st=Unavailable - Parties & Voodoo Fest
November=OPEN (TF Ok!)
December=Las Vegas (Unconfirmed)
Late Dec 2010-Jun 2011=Paris,FR (Home)
Jun 2011=New Orleans, LA (Home)
Jun/Jul-Dec 2011= Possibly S.Korea (Home)

If I ask to collaborate, and you don't respond, then I'm going to view it as non-interest. If you are interested, please respond.

No Friend Collecting!
If I FR you, I'm interested in collaborating. If you are FR me, please have images of plus size models, crazy costumes, or Alt shots in your port. (I support all local models & stylists!) <=If you're paying me, FR away.

Persephone Digital Painting done by Valeron. Made from image of me.  Costume/hair by me.
Me + U Other model is Emma Dahl.
The Day Job Other model pictured is Emma Dahl.
Return of the Goddess Here I am, deathly afraid of heights, and on top of a skylight on the 4th floor of a building.  Who says I'm logical?
Cracked Up! Ted always cracks me up!
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