Omaha, Nebraska
United States
Omaha, Nebraska
United States



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Fashion show:
JCPenny's store benefit-Omaha,NE 2000
Ene Fashions- Augusta, GA 2003
Caroline Fashions Bridal Show- Omaha, NE 2005

Wrigley's Orbit Gum- CMP models; Omaha, NE 2004
Poptarts presents American Idol-Events & Promotions Inc.;Omaha, NE 2004 (brand manager)
Degrassi met Hazel and Marco- Events & Promotions Inc.;Omaha, NE 2004
Pace presents Rodeo- U.S. Army; Omaha, NE 2004
ConAgra Foods- 8 Days promotions; Omaha, NE 2005
Qwest back-to-school promotion- Aspen Marketing Services; Omaha, NE 2005
Fresca new promotional flavors- Full Spectrum Entertainment; Omaha, NE 2005
Gateway Cyberspace- ATTACK! Marketing; Omaha, NE 2005
Qwest Holiday Program(lead brand ambassador)- Promosynthesis LLC,; Grand Island, NE 2005
Qwest More for You- Aspen Marketing Services; Omaha,NE 2006
Cingular NCAA- Mobile Media Enterprises; Omaha, NE 2006
David's Sunflower Seeds- 8 Days Promotions; Omaha, NE 2006
Qwest wining combination (lead brand ambassador)- Promosynthesis LLC; Omaha, NE 2006
Toys R US (team lead)- Promosynthesis LLC; Omaha, NE 2006
Discover Card- Promosynthesis LLC; Omaha, NE 2006
Glenn Beck- GCM Inc.; Omaha, NE 2006
AT&T NCAA- Mobile Marketing Enterprises; Omaha, NE 2007

Yoki (hip-hop artist)- Omaha, NE 2004
Princess (hip-hop singer)- Raleigh, NC 2004

Showcaselounge feature model Aug 2005 cover model for Oct 2006
various local flyers

Hip-hop dancing, 1yrs acting experience(voice over, lead in play, narrator) and 5yrs active duty army experience

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