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Use of Site
Visitors and Members MuseCube ( and affiliate sites assume all responsibility and risk with respect to their use of the Site. The information, materials and functions contained within the Site, including / but not limited to, text, graphics, hyperlinks or other items are provided on an "As Is" and "As Available" basis without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title or freedom from computer viruses or disruption. G.V. Brown Enterprises, Inc. and its divisions, affiliates, agents and principals disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability and/or fitness for any particular purpose and representations and endorsements, express or implied, with regard to information accessed from or via the Site. G.V. Brown Enterprises, Inc. and its divisions, affiliates, agents and principals do not warrant that the Site is free of computer viruses, bugs or other harmful components. G.V. Brown Enterprises, Inc. and its divisions, affiliates, agents and principals do not assume any liability or responsibility for the accuracy, availability, completeness, reliability, suitability or usefulness of the information disclosed or accessed through the Site. G.V. Brown Enterprises, Inc. and its divisions, affiliates, agents and principals do not have any duty to update its Site and shall not be liable for its failure to update the Site. It is the visitor's responsibility to verify any information contained in the Site before relying upon it.

Use of the MuseCube website by individuals under 13 years of age is prohibited. Members under the age of 18 may only become members of this site if their application is accompanied by a consenting parent or legal guardian.

Copyright and Trademark Information
MuseCube, the MuseCube website (, and the MuseCube logo are Copyright © 2003 G.V. Brown Enterprises, Inc. . G.V. Brown Enterprises, Inc. is the exclusive owner of proprietary rights and intellectual property associated with the MuseCube site and concepts.

The MuseCube name and the MuseCube 'cube' logo are registered trademarks of G.V. Brown Enterprises, Inc. / Geoffrey Vail Brown and may not be used without written permission.

The MuseCube website may contain material under copyright by other individuals or organizations, and is noted when applicable. MuseCube members are responsible for the ensuring of compliance with copyright material. MuseCube staff does not routinely monitor or review uploaded material to ensure copyright compliance. In the event that a copyright violation is suspected, DMCA notification should be sent to the MuseCube Abuse Department. Copyright violations will result in the immediate termination of the user's account, and removal of all images from the MuseCube website.

By submitting artwork to the MuseCube service, members grant MuseCube permission to display their artwork on the MuseCube site. Submitted artwork may also be used on MuseCube social media accounts with the intent of promoting the member or the member's artwork.

Privacy and Disclosure of Personal Information
MuseCube collects personal information regarding its members during the application process, and throughout the duration of a user's membership. Personal and contact information within the control of MuseCube is not disseminated on the MuseCube website, other than information shown on the member's "about" page, unless noted. Information provided to MuseCube will not be used or distributed to third parties. MuseCube does not warrant the accuracy, veracity or validity of the personal and contact information of our members.

MuseCube features methods of contacting or interacting with other MuseCube members or visitors to the MuseCube website. Communications between MuseCube members and visitors to the MuseCube website is not monitored by MuseCube staff, and is the sole responsibility of the MuseCube member.

Return Policy
Due to the nature of our service we do not offer returns on pre-paid services, domain names, or setup fees. In the event of an overcharge, or incorrect payment, please contact

Term of Service
Trial accounts that have not been accessed by the owner for over three years are automatically deleted. Upgraded accounts that are more than 30 days overdue will be disabled. Disabled accounts can be re-activated within one month by contacting Accounts that have been disabled and not reactivated for a period of time greater than three months will be permanently removed from the system. Domain name registration services are offered on a yearly billing term, and must be renewed by the customer on a yearly basis to remain active. In the event of an account cancellation, the customer may transfer the domain name to another hosting service, provided the domain has not expired, and must transfer the domain to another domain name registrar prior to the domain expiration date. In the event of a return or chargeback, customer forfeits all rights to the purchased domain name.

Portfolio Approvals
All portfolios and accounts listed on are subject to review and approval by MuseCube staff. Portfolios containing webcam images, subject matter that may be deemed irrelevant to MuseCube goals and themes, pornographic images (see "Unacceptable Use"), or pictures of sub-standard quality may be removed.

Unacceptable Use
MuseCube does not support bandwidth theft, the linking of images from MuseCube to other sites, or the misuse of links from other sites to MuseCube, including activity that could be viewed as a denial of service attack, or activity that intentionally degrades performance of the MuseCube service. This includes attempts to manipulate, falsify or alter data either through misrepresentation or other electronic means. Members found participating in this activity will have their service immediately terminated without refund.

Membership of minors (users under the age of 18) is prohibited without parental permission. If you are the parent / guardian of a minor, please contact us for instructions and information regarding how to use our site.

MuseCube does not support abuse of our messaging systems, forums or other means of mass communcation provided for use by visitors on the MuseCube website. Abuse of these systems by mass messaging, or attempted theft of user information will not be tolerated, and will result in the termination of the Member's account, or banning of the Visitor from use of functions on the MuseCube website.

Unsolicited, abusive or threatening between Members or visitors, in any medium facilitated by MuseCube is not tolerated. While MuseCube staff does not monitor communications between members, in the event that we are contacted with a complaint of a violation, we will respond in a manner that we feel is in accordance with the violation of our rules.

Pornographic images are prohibited from MuseCube. MuseCube staff reserves the right to determine the bounds of acceptable images used on the MuseCube website.

Links and references to pornographic websites are not allowed on MuseCube portfolios. The presence of links or references to pornographic websites will result in the removal of the member account.

MuseCube reserves the right to remove any image, message or member site without advance notice, explaination or refund.

G.V. Brown Enterprises, Inc., MuseCube, and its owners reserve the right to modify these policies without notice.

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