Cristiano Valentino

New York, New York
United States
New York, New York
United States

Cristiano Valentino


Valentino Photography Studio®
1115 Broadway~Penthouse
Next To My Friend
Jay-Z's 40/40 Club
New York City 10016

Valentino Photography Studio®
Sterling Plaza
9441 Wilshire Blvd. Penthouse
Beverly Hills, California 90210

Greetings From Valentino...

Women's Top 20 Choice Most Prominent Photographer For Having The Most
Muse Cube Spotlight Image Awards.

Ready for New Headshots or Maybe Updating Your Modeling Portfolio...

I'm very fortunate to do what I love & love what I do...I've been shooting Actors Models & Celebrities for over 23 Years...

•Perception of Valentino...

•Valentino works every single day...

•He is booked 2 years in advance...

•Nobody can afford him $

•He will only photograph famous celebrities, magazine covers & major advertising campaigns...

•He is totally Inaccessible!

•You can never reach him or get him on the phone...

•He is completely out of your league.

•Why bother?


•Actors Headshots-Fashion Photos-Large or Small Scale Advertising-Weddings-Recording Artists Covers & More...

•Give Him A Call/Text...310.279.9992

•You will be Pleasantly Surprised...

•The Actors Headshot Story©
Award Winning Article By Valentino-
South London Press September 14, 2019

•99% of the time the Actor will get the interview through their Headshot...

•So it is pretty obvious that the Actor needs a good one...

•Or more accurately a Great One!

•Show business is far too competitive to break into with a cheap & unflattering Headshot...

•Your Headshot should be a thought-provoking one that illustrates your energy or particular mood...

•Your Headshot should endear the viewer enough to look beyond the picture & find out more about you...

•Your Headshot should signal "Pick Me" or "Consider Me" for your next project...

•If you are like most Actors then you want your Headshots to be worth your valuable time & money...

•As an Actor, you realize that you have to make strong powerful connections with your audience...

•You know not to always play it safe but to mix it up & take the important risks & make specific choices...

•Each Actor brings something new & special to the marketing table but it is MY energy & spirit as the photographer that must reach out beyond those boundaries & make that certain connection the same way a Great Film Director does~

•These same principles apply to the choice of your Headshot Photographer~

•Over the years I have had the pleasure to work with many Celebrity Actors, Models,
Musicians & Performance Artists...

•My workmanship time & time again makes that certain connection with Casting Directors & Agents in today's vast marketplace...

•"Capturing your Spirit & Essence is what creates powerful images that demand the viewers' attention which is what my workmanship is really all about"

•There are two ways of spreading light-
"To be the candle or the Mirror that reflects it"

•I am proud of my many years of accomplishments of making artists come alive I Hope You Enjoyed My Award Winning Article ~Valentino~

Ready for New Headshots or Maybe Updating Your Modeling Portfolio?

Professional Make Up Artist $175
Optional~May Bring Your Own MUA Or
Prepare Your Own
Modeling Portfolio $975
Includes Professional MUA
Weddings Prices Upon Request...

•Cristiano Valentino's Bio...

•Capital Records
John & Yoko Lennon
The Dakota
1 West 72nd Street
New York, N.Y. 10023
Position: Royalties Administrator

•LA Clippers Professional Basketball Team
Owner Donald T. Sterling
Attorney & Billionaire
Net Worth $3.9 Billion
Forbes Magazine 2020
9441 Wilshire Blvd. Penthouse
Beverly Hills, California 90210
Position: C.P.A. Business Administrator &
Financial Officer

•American Broadcasting Company
ABC Studios
Hollywood, California 90038
Position: Business Affairs Film & TV Division Sr. Production Accountant C.P.A.

•MGM-Disney Studios
The Post Group
Orlando, Florida
Position: Business Administrator

•Law Firm of Sargoy & Stein & Hanft-
Entertainment Attorneys
105 Madison Ave.
N.Y N.Y 10010
Position: Film & TV Business Affairs Sr. Production Accountant C.P.A.
This is the only Law Firm in the nation that Represents all 8 Major Motion Picture Studios

•Bert Padell
Certified Public Accountant & Entertainment Attorney
"Manager & Accountant To The Stars"
Padell, Nadell, Fine & Weinberger, LLC
1775 Broadway N.Y. N.Y. 10023
Position: Music Royalty Administrator

•My position working for Bert Padell
To oversee Music Royalties for:
• Madonna
• Cyndi Lauper
• Toni Braxton
• Ariana Grande
• Taylor Swift
• Lady Gaga
• Beyonce
•Miley Cyrus
•Justin Bieber
• Willie Nelson
• Rihanna
• Alice Cooper
• Biggie Smalls-Notorious B.I.G.
• Alicia Keys
• Mary J. Blige
• Britney Spears
• Blondie
• Sean "Puff Daddy-Diddy" Combs
• Talking Heads-David Byrne
• Luther Vandross
• Faye Dunaway
• Russell Simmons Run DMC
• Kurtis Blow
• Whodini
• Salt-N-Pepa
• Adam Levine Maron 5
• DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince
• Will Smith Enterprises
• De La Soul & Rakim
• New York Yankees Joe Torre
And many other prominent celebrities...

°"My Friend Bert Padell passed unto The Heavens Jan. 26th 2018 He will truly be missed. Such a kind & Gentle Soul. A true Icon In The Industry. Google Bert Padell & read about his iconic career. RIP Bert"

°Aside from my Photography Business
My Firm is an Embodiment of Certified Public Accountants •Tax & Entertainment Attorneys•Enrolled Agents Licensed to practice before the Internal Revenue Service. We Specialize In Music Royalty & Copyright Infringement Legal Battles ...

We Are Members of The National Society of Accountants Located In Washington DC

We have a high volume of clients that we expertly prepare Personal & Corporate Income Tax Returns For Actors, Models Performance Artists-Rap Artists & Musicians...Always Available To New Clientele...

Peace & Love...


°Why Is Hiring A Professional Photographer So Important?

•As a Pro with many years of experience I always dress appropriately and I look like I’m having fun while I work very hard, that’s why you hire me to make your special day worth every dollar.

°Some shots like the first dance or cutting of the cake are usually planned, but most of them you can’t see before the moments unfold in front of you.

•You don't have to look closely to see how my wedding portfolio is very captivating and is the Cutting Edge compared to others in the Industry.

°To be able to capture the atmosphere of wedding celebrations with your friends and family you have to be very quick, look for those moments and even predict them sometimes.

•Only a handful of us in the Industry can do this.

°One more thing to add when you think you’re spending a small fortune on capturing your day.

•Running a business is not easy, neither it is cheap.

°I grew my business by undercutting my prices and counting on client referrals. Once established I kept the same principals.

•It gives me great pleasure to give my wedding clients more than their monies worth because in the end they always refer me to others.

°As your wedding photographer I look at every corner & I am not afraid of any locations.

•I always give myself plenty of time to arrive to the wedding so there are no unpleasant surprises (traffic jams etc.).

°I don’t interrupt so the just married couple & the guests can feel relaxed and enjoy the day.

•I work calmly (or try to look that way anyway),

°I am discreet, & I have experience working with raw emotions…

•I don’t run in the church...I don’t look into the guests’ plates while they’re eating & I don’t direct how the story unfolds – this day belongs to the Bride and Groom, not me!

°Yet I have my eyes open at all times & I don’t want to miss anything. Ever!

•As you can see from my workmanship
I am one of the Best!

°My workmanship speaks loudly in Professional Circles & more importantly with my clients themselves...



Very Experienced. 20+ Years In The Entertainment Industry...

Interested in:

  • Wedding
  • Portrait
  • Landscape
  • Commercial
  • Art
  • Sports
  • Journalism
  • Architecture
  • Boudoir
  • Figure Study
  • Mediums

  • Infrared
  • Digital
  • Alternative
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Video
  • Photography
  • Drawing

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