Ed Dellis

Costa Mesa, California
United States
Costa Mesa, California
United States

Ed Dellis

My shooting style leaves a LITTLE to the imagination. <3 It draws viewers in, and leaves them wanting more.

Even Better: Today's Mask Requirement makes it easy to Live Out Your Fantasies while Keeping Your Identity a Mystery. So, get creative with your masks, and bring a few.

Our artistic process begins with me Painting Your Body with SHADOWS by orbiting my Soft LED Lights around you as we watch the monitor together.

My camera's settings can soften your skin and remove blemishes automatically...it's pretty mind-blowing, actually.

After decades of shooting female bodies, I've learned that the most important element for capturing alluring sexy art is...Psychology.

Yup, unless you feel 100% Comfortable sharing your hidden sexy side with my camera, I can't capture it.

So, that's why it's often best to sit down in a relaxing atmosphere -- maybe with a drink :) -- to discuss your goals beforehand...or via videochat. Once I know what you're after, then I can see if we're a match. If you show me some downloaded samples, that's the best.

NOTE: The images posted here on Facebook are pretty tame...their rules. As my Page Name suggests, ladies normally go waaay beyond what you see here at a pace THEY choose.

My verbal feedback and encouragement during the shoot is tailored to help draw you out of your shell to meet your goals that we discussed earlier.

Before shooting, we always sign a Privacy Agreement, so you Know Your Imagery is 100% safe and under YOUR control.

For ladies looking to Pay Some Bills with their Art, I have a list of providers that can take your uploaded images, create a password-protected gallery, and then make coffee mugs, shower curtains, beach towels, totes, puzzles, smartphone cases, and much more for you to market discreetly in social media and Sell to Fans Worldwide using their shopping carts.

I'm in North Orange County, CA, but I can travel anywhere...like Dellis Cay in the Turks & Caicos Islands!...seriously, I'm a Belonger and can get us in. ;-)

So, whether you want to Wear a Mask and Be a Mystery Girl to Live Out Your Fantasies or Pay Some Bills, please call me so we can sit down somewhere to discuss your goals. As you'll soon see, it's a lot of fun...and can be quite Liberating, too!

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