SK Model Management

Rock Island, Illinois
United States
Rock Island, Illinois
United States

SK Model Management

We are an established agency with 25 years of experience and a client base that consumes the Midwest. SK Model Management is training, developing, and forwarding agency with unlimited potential for aspiring models and actors.
Direct links to agencies such as Ford, Elite, and Wilhelmina as well as over 100 active clients in the local and regional markets!
Our Agency
SK Model Management was founded in 1993 by former model Kay Schneider. After modeling out of the local, and Chicago markets for 10 years, Kay transitioned to the other side of the house and was offered a position at Ada Gaffney Shaff, and Rosen Agency were she fine tuned her career and developed her skills as an agent. After years of assisting the growth and development at Rosen Agency, Kay decided to create her own agency that met the needs of the clients and the models in the Midwest market. Recognizing the changes in the industry and growth potential, Kay ventured out to create what is now one of the fastest growing agencies in the Midwest.
Since 2002 Aaron Byers and his firm of designers, photographers, and marketing, and multi media have teamed up with Studio K Models, which has now become SK Model management to create an all inclusive agency that has all the necessary attributes to optimize and create unlimited opportunity for all of our talent. Since 2003 Aaron Byers has functioned as Director of Operations with the agency and has thru smart marketing strategies, and working with large market agencies, created direct links and relationships that have put us on the map right here in the Midwest. In addition Aaron, Kay, Brandon, and the rest of the team have worked hard pursuing continuous new client development all over the local and regional markets.
Kay and Aaron, as well as the rest of the team have experience in all respects, and levels of the industry. And now with our new all inclusive nature we can provide potential models with the training, developing, and all the tools they will need to not only begin working with our clients, but the potential to work with some of the best agencies in the world!
As well we have added an SK Model salon, “shear Elements”, a high fashion, progressive, full service salon to service and maintain all of our models represented look. Our team of stylist, and make up artist work in the industry and know what is necessary to create the most optimal look for you. They work with your agent to create this image and maintain it for you so that you can maintain that high fashion look.

SK Model Management is a free agent agency, meaning all the models listed with our agency are under no contract and act as free agents. This opens up more opportunity for all of our talent to work with other market areas to optimize their opportunities. Our agency has over 100 active clients that range from local, national, and international levels. We work with production companies, advertising agencies, commercial photographers, catalog companies and large market agencies for all our high fashion models. We also have runway models and a promotional division that allows for a diverse talent base for all our clients needs!
We do, however, recognize the limitations in our market area for some of our high fashion talent. This is why, over the past 5 years, we have worked with larger market agencies to establish direct links for the ones that have what it takes to perform at the next level. Now, in addition to working with our client base, we act as a direct liaison to agencies such as Ford, Elite, Wilhelmina, and a number of other large market agencies were our models can explore their greatest potential.
Open Calls
Open calls are held every Wednesday at the agency in Rock Island from 12 to 5pm. Women come with no make up on and your hair down. No product in hair just combed thru. If you are coming from another agency bring your comps, portfolio, and a CD of the pictures. If you have a resume bring it as well. Open calls start at 12 and end no later than 5pm. All models that did not have a pre set appointment, or time may have to come back the to the next open call.
Please call before to arrange a time to meet with an agent. If you show up with out an appointment we will see you however it will be after or in between our appointments.

Our Team
Our team has worked in all aspects and at all levels of the modeling industry. We have former models, and agents that have worked with Ford, Karin Agency, Elite, and the local markets. We have training seminars in the various aspects of the industry where, all our new talent is trained by experienced professionals that have worked with some of the top agencies in the world. We have high fashion photographers in house that create the most optimal representation of all our talent, and work with the models to build their portfolio and comps. In addition, we have a full team of graphic designers, stylists, and make up artists that are some of the best in the area. And now to the new facility in Rock Island we have Shear Elements, our new salon where high fashion meets progressive hair design.
Client Summary
Our client base is growing every day!

We have recognized some of the limitations in our market area and have created strategies to market our services to larger market area, and expand our opportunity. We currently work with national clients such as Hardees, Von Maur, Younkers, John Deere, Mattel Toys, Lands End and several of the world’s top modeling agencies such as Ford, and Elite. We have a client list included to show you a sample of the ever growing and diverse client base that we have worked with. Some of the local market clients include Dphilms, The Ad Group, Silver Oaks Production Co., Hawthorne Direct, Modern Woodman, The Mark, Simon Corp, Cumulus Broadcasting, Gemvision, KLJB Fox TV, John Deere, the Mallards, and many more!

Getting Started
The modeling industry is one that is very competitive and has many misconceptions. For example, everyone thinks that if you get discovered, there are no costs and you get swept away in this fairy tale land of modeling. NOPE! It is just like anything else in life, if you want something, you need to pursue it and do what is necessary to make it a success. Or as they say "blood, sweat, and tears". There are a very small percent that get grabbed up like that, however there are still costs involved. The larger market agencies contract their models and the costs that you incur, such as photo shoots, comp cards, and portfolios, you still have to pay for, they just cover the costs up front with the idea that when you start working you will pay them back. If you do not work and the agency lets you go you still have to pay back the costs. If you don’t pay you’re your agency debt they will not release your book and portfolio.
The reason I mention this about the industry is people have this understanding that a real modeling agency will pay for everything and nothing will cost them money. That’s just not true! Either way you pay for these things to get done it’s just a different methodology. All our models are free agents under no contract, and are responsible to have completed the necessary things to be considered ready to work with our client base. We do only require our talent base or models to do the required minimum to get started, beings that we are a free agent agency. It is your career we are here to train, develop, and prepare you to work with our clients. We are not here to push you; you must be self-driven and pro active to make it a success.
If your not getting discovered and you want to be proactive, you get the things done that are necessary to make it a success! For example comp cards act as your “business card” in the industry and I believe every model should have them for self and agency promotion.
All models will be required to have the following for representation with our agency:
1. Professional; and up to date photos and portfolio shots.
2. Portfolio and comp cards
3. Digital comp layout for web site representation
4. SK Orientation Seminar / local market representation only
If you are coming form another agency and have current comps, portfolio and headshots you will not be required to get new shots. We may be able to use your existing shots to market you to our clients. Your agent will be responsible for determining your status.
Because we are a free agent agency and we do not contract our models we do not cover the costs of the things that are required to get started in the industry. Depending on your level of experience it may vary on what you may need to get completed before our agency will represent you.
If you are a fresh face or new model, and you do not have professional high fashion photos, it will be necessary for you to get a photo shoot set up with our team to get representation photos before we can represent you with SK Model Management. We have high fashion photographers that work within our agency and know exactly what we need to properly represent each of our models. Your agent will set you up and work with each model to ensure that we get great representation shots to market that model to our clients.

SK Model training VS. Barbizon or John Robert Powers?
Many people invest thousands of dollars to receive training with one of the franchise modeling schools that are available across the country. The problem with modeling schools is that they only provide you with the training; there is no opportunity to be listed with an agency. They do not provide you with a high fashion photo shoot for proper representation or presentation to an agency. There are no comp cards, or portfolios created for the model. They simply train you and let you go out to pursue it on your own. As well remember they are a franchise so you are relying on the knowledge or background of the individual that is in charge of your training or that purchased the franchise.
The agency that Barbizon works with is Royal Model management, but what they don’t tell you is that only a hand full of “trainees” actually get listed nationwide. The rest are left with a dent in their pocket book, no direction and only a training certificate with your name on it. Training is not what you need; you need an agency to start working.
SK Training
SK Models training sessions are conducted by experienced models and agents that have worked at all levels and aspects of the modeling industry. And our classes are hundreds not thousands, we provide our models with the most up to date information based on our fast paced, ever changing industry. We work to develop the model and prepare them for actual representation with an agency based on their marketability. We have our talent work with high fashion photographers and their agent to build their portfolios, and comp cards, for proper representation before they complete their training. We ensure that all our students walk away with the tools necessary to get started in the industry. Then we work with each individual model to get them listed with an agency that best suits their marketability. The main difference between our training services is that at the end of the your training you will actually be listed with an agency and start your modeling career.

Seminars and Continuing education training
Starting in January 2007 will be adding acting classes and educational sessions on the modeling industry and high fashion photography that will be taught by models, agents, and high fashion photographers that have worked with top agencies. In total there will be 12 seminars available that will cover all aspects of the industry. We have structured the training this way so that the model only has to take the sessions that pertain to them and the direction of which they want to pursue. We have customized our sessions to make it more cost effective for the model to advance their education and training in the industry and do so, as their budget allows and to their exact objectives.
Local Representation
Many of our models in the local market are students, or maintain other jobs. This doesn’t have to be a full time job, but a great way to make additional money and begin building your portfolio in the local market. Your agent can talk to you more about your scheduling issues and work around your availability, however remember that if you are busy other wise you may miss opportunities for work thru the agency. Local market representation is the starting point for all of our talent and is a great way to build experience and your book to advance your career to a larger market agency. Which un like 99 % of other agencies we will actually assist you in locating the agencies that best suit your needs, and marketability.
SK Model Management requires all our models to go through the orientation sessions that are provided by the SK Training team and your agent. The additional training sessions and seminars that are available are optional to the model. However, they are highly recommended to a fresh face or new model that has no experience. The amount of knowledge that is acquired in the seminars and additional training sessions will help them fine-tune their skills and knowledge in the industry and set them apart from their piers. We have a variety of sessions that are available and you may pick and choose which ones would be most beneficial to your careers direction.
Ask us for a complete listing of classes and seminars that are available. The orientation class is a one-day course that requires reservations. All walk ins will be asked to register and come back to the next orientation session. All models that have received training at another agency will not have to take the training sessions however the orientation class is required. And as long as the training is from a legitimate and reputable source.
Orientation Class
The orientation class is required for all new talent with SK Model Management. In the orientation we will go over all the information to get them ready to work with our client base. As well, we touch on all aspects of the industry and each model will work with professional actors and models that have worked at the top of their game. After completion of the orientation course the model will be set for representation and able to work with our clients.
Representation Fee
SK Model Management utilizes their web site as a forum for all of our clients to view the talent listed with our agency. Our clients use this resource to review potential talent for jobs from all over the country. Each model listed with our agency will receive a digital comp layout that showcases their portfolio. The representation fee covers the models representation for 1 fiscal year with the agency as well as our design team to create your online portfolio. None of the costs for the representation fee is used by the agency, it is simply used to get you represented and pay for the services that have to be completed to do so.
I year relationship agreement
All models that are listed with SK Models are under no contract however they will be required to sign a relationship agreement that lists guidelines, standards that the model agrees to adhere to for the term of the 1-year. After which, each model will be re evaluated by their agent to determine their status with the agency and consult with the model about their direction going forward.

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