EJ. Photoexpress

Forestville , Maryland
United States
Forestville , Maryland
United States

EJ Photoexpress

An over the years I have done many things.

I serve twenty years in the military. I had the opportunity to travel to many parts of this world.
After I retired from the Military I went back to school an study photography and graphic arts. Upon graduation I work as a freelance photographer for two local newspapers, I had my work publish and learn how to do children, model, and wedding photography over the past seven years

Today I work from my studio doing many different projects, this has giving me the chance to work with a wide variety people

Photography has become a way for me to see into this world. I come to use this both as tool to create work for people to see and tool to help those to achieve a dream. I hope you like my portfolio here it includes my work from the past and the present.


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