Bergenfield, New Jersey
United States
Bergenfield, New Jersey
United States



I love photography and all the different themes and concepts one can have.
Feel free to message me if you would like to collaborate in a shoot


Well I an a member. I was thinking I'd like to get back into art again and working with videographers for tf events. I love getting creative with my hair and makeup and then seeing how cool the pictures come out after. I am very laid back and open to many artistic opinions and options. I love to get creative with it and just have fun. I'll be going back and forth from Ohio so I'm also looking for photographer friends to shoot with my friend and I. I'm pretty open to most things so you can go head and ask but if I'm not into it. Ill definitely let you know.

Interested in:

  • Wedding
  • Portrait
  • Commercial
  • Art
  • Sports
  • Figure Study
  • Mediums

  • Digital
  • Painting
  • Video
  • Photography

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