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Christopher has been an avid photographer for over 10 years. Ever since he picked up his father’s camera he hasn’t seen the world the same. Shortly after that he enrolled in the first of many photography classes, where he would typically spend 8-10 hours a day working in the darkroom, perfecting his techniques and helping others. For Chris there was nothing more exciting than putting a piece of photographic paper in developer and watching an image appear almost magically before his eyes.
As time went on and technologies changed Chris started incorporating photography with his love of computers and digitizing images. In 2002 Chris stepped out of the world of film and he bought his first Digital Camera, a Nikon D1x. Today you might find Chris taking one of Mission Beaches beautiful sunsets; often he will go out and take many pictures while the sun is setting. He will then go home and pick the one where the varying colors are just right, the clouds are just right, and the waves are just right, print it and frame it the same night.

Chris loves to travel and has photographed extensively in the Western United States, Australia, Bermuda and Canada. He specializes in Scenic, Travel, and Night Photography. His passion for photography has led him to do Weddings and Portraits, Fine Art, various types of Commercial and Still life Photography, Nature Photography and Every Day Life (Capturing the Moment).

Feel free to contact him with various projects you might have. He enjoys working with people on whatever they would like to have done either commission work, family portraits or custom framing of his images to match your home décor. 619.228.6907

In 2004 Chris started putting up his images on the Web for all to see…
Please visit and e-mail him as Chris always loves to share his images.

All the images here are for sale as prints alone or framed images in any size between 8x10 and 13x19.



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