NJK Photo

Los Angeles, California
United States
Los Angeles, California
United States

NJK Photo

Professional freelance filmmaker for the past 10 years, shooter/editor for an online food and travel website, and passionate photography hobbyist in my spare time. I'm originally from the east coast New England area, lived in NYC for a bit, and currently live in Los Angeles. I aim to be more bi-coastal and am willing to travel if things line up well.

I am mostly in awe of the talent that I see on this site and elsewhere in the world of photography and modeling. I in no way have any pretenses that I create imagery anywhere close to as stunning as the works I love and am attracted to, but I hope to someday come close.

I'm a fairly low key photographer who likes to use minimal gear if possible but can deliver a good looking product regardless. Photography isn't my money-making gig, so I'm very open to talk TFP with anyone. I'm more or less looking to work with others interested in artistic collaboration, capturing expressions, themes, moods, sharing the experience, and helping build portfolios for those who want it. Continual artistic partners are always appreciated.

If you have a specific genre of photo set you've been dying to do, need something specific for your portfolio, or are simply interested in collaborating creatively I'm an easy option.

Because I'm doing this for the fun and love of it, I offer anyone looking to work with me my full services:
• quick delivery on all photos taken
• touchup/post work on selects
• I'm willing to travel quite a distance
• flexibility with content and creativity (honestly, I'll shoot anything as long as there's merit to it)
• the utmost respect and care for your image, art, and safety
• and again — I'm open to TFP

I work a fulltime job during the week now, so my schedule is pretty limited. If you'd like to get in touch feel free to contact me through Instagram or email. I'm quicker to respond through those.
IG: njkphotoig
Email: capnjmagpie@gmail.com | nickkrassowski@gmail.com

(My username on here seems to be stuck at MagpiePhoto — I've messaged MuseCube to change it, but they won't respond, so sorry if that's confusing.)



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