Leia Lockheart

Hollywood, California
United States
Hollywood, California
United States

Leia Lockheart

Originally from Hawai'i, Leia Lockheart is the youngest of 3 children. The daughter of a helicopter pilot in the Army whom also served in the Vietnam war after being a handsome full-time jock at Big Bear High. She had to compete with being the baby sister of the drummer of Corrupt Absolute and a pageant queen who is also a competition level hula dancer. Leia Lockheart found her entertainment value early on at the age of 10, singing and performing in musical theatre in which she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree.

After college, she flew to New York and met with the world-famous Wilhelmina Modeling Agency, as they are a top plus-size agency. This was a great honor and she assumed her modeling career was done when that relationship faltered. Re-discovering modeling in pin-up made all the sense in the world due to her love for the Rockabilly Culture.

Presently, Leia Lockheart lives in Hollywood where the glamorous bygone era still exists. She hopes in the near future that she can reach the heights of the greats; Miss Monroe, Miss Page, and Miss Dors, by having throngs of men pinning her images all over their walls. Ouch!

Goldie Hun
Between the sheets Inspired by Marilyn Monroe's famous white sheets images.
Leia Lockheart '49 Ford In Detroit Motor City
Leia Lockheart Martini
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