Ken Divine

New York, New York
United States
New York, New York
United States

Ken Divine


Hi. I'm Ken Divine. I am an experienced photographer looking to network and create new wonderful art. I have numerous themes that I am currently shooting and I am here to find great people to work with. I am continuously looking for models to pose in clothing for my online stores, as I am a seller on third party sites such as Amazon, Bonanza, eBay, and Etsy. Otherwise, I am looking for models and actors for my photonovel series or models for my artistic nude themes, all which are published. Visit my site for my photonovels at:
Instagram: @kdpstore & @ken_divine_photos



KEN DIVINE is a published author and photographer from Brooklyn, NY. He is also a former mix tape DJ of easy listening and slow jams under the moniker of The Mighty Romancer. Ken Divine has revolutionized story telling through graphic novels with his collection of photonovel series, also commonly known as Fumetti or fotonovelas. Photonovels are graphic novels that has photographs of actors and models portraying the character roles instead of illustrations. Ken Divine's photonovels subject matter is usually based on different types of relationships and the struggles of aspiring artists and entrepreneurs.

Stories to Excite You (2003)
Rise of the Phoenix (2006 - Kenneth J. Whetstone)
What is She to You?: A Photo Novel (2011)
LaTrina (2012)
Stories to Excite You, Too: A Romantic Erotic Collection (2011)
Vixens (6-part photonovel series) (2017)
G.W.C.s and WANNABES: Based on a True Story (5-part photonovel series) (2018)

KEN DIVINE uses his photography mostly for the promotions and advertisements of his online store, the KDP STORE. The KDP STORE sells mostly women's clothing including T-shirts, jeans, dresses & skirts, tops, swimsuits, and lingerie. Artistically, Ken Divine has numerous creative themes that he is putting together for a series of coffee table books.

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