Jessica Taylor

Los Angeles, California
United States
Los Angeles, California
United States

Jessica Taylor

~ Professional Model ~ Hardworking and Reliable ~ Can Travel around UK & Europe ~ Will Fly ~ ~Taking Bookings Now!SmileI have naturally long blonde curly hair , english pale rose skin, with blue eyes , brightly contrasted lips and a slim body and I stand at 5ft 6. I'm available to hire for photographers, models, makeup artists, hair stylists, studios, designers and artists... Here are some styles that I particularly enjoy:

natural light , fairy-tale, fashion, mythical, mermaids & nymphs, delicate feminine lingerie, luxurious corset, candy cute pin-up, vintage, hollywood glamour, wedding & bridal, smiling happy commercial, natural, modern, storytelling, poetic, expressive styles, quirky, fashion nudes with attitude, playing in nature, ballet, cosplay

Elements that are listed below certainly help me be the best possible model I can be especially when they are all combined, whether working with newer or established photographers. I think this is why...

~ Imagination... I love to come up with fresh new ideas for shoots which means I can add thoughtful input wherever it is needed, I can help translate your ideas to the image by adding a few of my own ideas to bring your image to life.

~ Patience... I'm friendly and relaxed, as well as encouraging and non-judgemental so if you're trying out a new style or technique be sure to take your time. I also know how it can feel to get nervous booking a professional model, but I assure you I will make it productive and enjoyable.

~ Efficiency... I'm smart with time, outfit changes and making sure my make-up and hair is right. Also I naturally take direction and can pose with ease.

~ Adaption... I'm good at listening & staying aware of your aims, being in tune with the style, mood & inspirations at hand. I recognise the importance of sometimes working slowly & holding poses for a number of shots, as well as moving more dynamically through a flow of shapes.

~ Focus... I appreciate every booking and work with a positive attitude. I'm always happy to review, repeat and refine a shot until we've got it just right. I'm willing to get cold and/or uncomfortable too. You'll have my full attention, energy and enthusiasm given on our shoot (and of course I request the same from those I work with, for respect and consideration for my effort, comfort and safety).

Although I do not drive I am very willing to travel . I can catch the train or even catch a plane if it is further away . I've always wanted to explore many locations around the world so travelling is something that I would enjoy not a chore.

Current Travel Schedule/Studio Days...

Manchester / Bristol 20th -21st August

London -25th-28th

Goring-by-sea-7th-9th October

Southdowns Hangleton Lane Studio Day 8th- October

Body Hair and Modifcations...

Ear Piercings are my only alternations. Otherwise, I am completely natural.

I do have a small scar on my cheek but it is faded and not noticeable so can be easily edited out .

UK Rates & Travel [please email me with any queries working outside the UK]

I am signed with an agency; however, if you would like to book me directly, I am happy to offer discounted rates.

Rates: Please message me to discuss, I will try to accommodate to all where possible.

If travel is more than 30 minute train from Birmingham, I will request travel be covered. To keep the costs down I do have a railcard and a coach card.

Wardrobe/Styling Duo Work
I'm happy to be booked with other models for any type of shoot both male and female. I am very keen to work along other models to pick up and share any experiences that you may have and of course gain friendships along the way .

My wardrobe contains a variety of items in all sorts of styles and colours from, dresses, shoes, lingerie , corsets, hats..... you name it

§ To Book Please just send me a message and if you can include a brief overview of these details that would be helpful...
~ Where the shoot would be ?

~ What date/month you would like to arrange it ?

~How long you would like to shoot ?

~What sort of styles you'd like to cover ?

~Request's for wardrobe and styling ?

Find me on..

Instagram: jessicataylor.model

§ ~ Jessica Taylor x ~

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Windows of the Soul Photography:David Morley
The Female Form Uncovered Photography:Shelly(Kevin Sheldon)
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