Francesca G

Bristol, UK,
United Kingdom
Bristol, UK,
United Kingdom

Francesca G

At the moment I`m looking to develop my portfolio and start to get a bit more Arena/Maxim style shots. I`m also looking for anything a little more adventurous to try out if anyone has any interesting ideas? I feel the urge to be experimental again. My other main aim for this year is to get some images published. I`ve been in the magazine competitions and I`ve collaborated on a book so far but I really want something that`s going to market me a bit more next!

I work up to and including implied nude only - No nipples, no genitals in any more images of me, so please do not contact me for this type of work. There have been a couple that have slipped through... accidental images that I`ve ended up liking - but this is rare :)

I will do paid and part paid work. I will also happily to TFP as long as it will be of benefit to my portfolio, or have some other incentive such as for something which will be published in some way. I generally require travel costs for TFP unless I have contacted you to ask you for a TFP shoot.

While I maintain a professional attitude, I would never go as far as to claim I am a Pro. This is not my profession. I have a full time job (that sadly isn't anything to do with modelling). I would rather call myself a very experienced amateur. I have been doing this since Oct 2005, loved every minute of it however have no qualifications, professional training or anything like that. I do have excellent references to back up these statements!

I`m very happy to travel all over the country - I have accomodation available to me in a number of locations including Plymouth/Torquay, Leicester, Buckinghamshire (Uxbridge/Slough area), Reading and London, although I`m happy to travel for up to 4/5 hours each way within a day if it`s only a few hours shoot.

Please contact for any further details, rates, references or for a link to my large collection of other images and examples of my work.

Many thanks for viewing my portfolio!

I have worked with various photographers from beginner to professional. Those on websites such as this one are listed below and I would happily provide good references for.

Rob Wick - Plymouth (Net Model)
Will Lee - Lincolnshire (Net Model, OMP)
Paul Conroy - Totnes, Devon (Net Model)
Mike Newitt - Leicester (Net model)
Matt Gossage x2 - Stratford Upon Avon (Web Models, Net Model, OMP)
Andrew Page - Reading (Net Model)
Denis Gray - Bristol (Web Models, OMP)
Tony Martin - Bristol (Web Models, Net Model, Model Mayhem)
Colin Munro - Exeter, Devon (Net Model)
Jason Tang - London (Web Models, Net Model)
Ian Megavand - Luton (Web Models, Net Model)
Ron Lee - London (Net Model)
Jon Roberts - Plymouth (Web Models, Net Model, Model Mayhem)
Alan Kelly - Birmingham (Web Models)
Iain Daddy - High Wycombe, Bucks (Model Mayhem)
Ed Melville - Bridgwater, Somerset (Net Model)
Andy Trott - London (Net Model)
Mike Hudson - Chicago, US (OMP)
Tony P O`Dell - Newton Abbot, Devon (Net Model, Web Models) - ongoing projects, worked with several times.
Tom Martin - Bristol (Net Model, Model Mayhem)
Rob Perry - Durham (Web Models)
David Holmes - Sittingbourne (Net Model)
Derek Pearce x 3 - Gloucester (Web Models, OMP)
Lee Brown - Reading (Web Models)
Colin Hajee - Bristol (Net Model)
Owen Davies - Caldicot (Net Model)
Ralf Ferrand - Bristol (Net Model)
Roger Barnes - Bristol (Net Model)
Kevin James - Bristol (Net Model)
Jon Hoskins - Melksham (Net Model)
Ray May - Frome (Net Model)

(Sorry if I`ve missed anyone out!)


Below I have listed the travel times and prices for me to go to a number of destinations in the UK, so people can have a rough idea before they consider booking me.

Please note that these times are OFF PEAK as are the prices. Much cheaper train tickets can be bought in advance.

To London (Paddington) 2 - 2.5 hrs
To Reading 1.5 - 2 hrs
To Southampton 2 - 2.5 hrs
To Birmingham (New St) 1 - 1.5 hrs
To Cardiff 1 - 1.5 hrs
To Swansea 2 - 3 hrs
To Plymouth 2 hrs 23 mins

Travel to all of these destinations can be very very cheap when booked in advance (as little as £4.50 each way to southampton for example, depending on availability) however I personally will no longer purchase advance tickets due to cancellations.

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