Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Iran (Islamic Republic of)



I graduated from Art University with my High Diploma, major in Graphic design in 2005.My post-secondary education was in Translating English Language.The courses in this major helped me to develop stronger teaching ways through my job. I also learned skills, which have proven to be incredibly helpful when translating or writing .I received my Master's in Teaching English language in 2018.Before that, my undergraduate degree was in Translating English Language. These valuable educational experiences helped set me up to build my career in teaching.I have a Bachelor of Arts in English from Tehran Jonob University. I worked part time while going to university.so I learned a lot about time management and discovered that I work best under some degree of pressure. The skills that I learned during university have helped me grow my career quickly. I have above-average communication skills, and, since graduating, I have continued to refine many competencies. This continued education includes confidence in public speaking. My thesis was about the effect of mnemonic strategies instruction on retrieval spelling vocabularies in foreign language learners.For the last 18 years, I worked as a photo model for make up artists.I have a huge passion for acting and I love being in front of the camera. I mainly shoot for head shot fashion, I am available for photoshoots to travel to different destinations in the world.
I have brown eyes, long hair natural brunette with fair skin, which makes me a good model for head shot photos. I enjoy working with photographers and agencies that have a creative approach. I bring my energy and passion for modelling to every project I work on.
For more information and a portfolio of my works, please contact me at khosrofarelnaz@gmail.com



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