San Diego, California
United States
San Diego, California
United States



My main passion in life is my horse Phantom. Also, helping to educate others about preventive care for animals. Which I took so far as creating a TV pilot called Pet Sensitive. Modeling is a side gig for me on top of being an Author, Realtor, and showing Phantom. Will always make time for the right job.



Have experience in acting, print, and dance. Will not contemplate nude modeling, but am open to other art forms.

Have extensive experience in may swimwear pageants (how I put myself through college). My background includes a few movies, TV shows, commercials, calendars, and print. Prefer not to list everything.

Interested in:

  • Print
  • Runway
  • Commercial
  • Headshot
  • Video
  • Swimwear
  • Lingerie
  • Other
  • Mediums

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