Kansas City, Missouri
United States
Kansas City, Missouri
United States



First and foremost, I do this because I love pictures and have loved them passionately.The ART will always come before all else with me. I am happy to help select models build their portfolios and achieve their goals but, as a rule, I do not do basic portfolio work. That being said, I am always open to collaborating with creative, resourceful, enthusiastic and open-minded people.

If I want to do nudes with you, I will explore that option with you BEFORE the shoot. While nudes are NOT a prerequisite to working with me, I do prefer "versatility and flexibility" in a model.



As for TESTING, Makeup Artists, I understand that you invest in your materials, and some of you spend lots of money to keep your kits stocked. However.....I do not pay "kit fees".... If I am being paid by a third party then your fee is paid to you.

I suggest models contract makeup Artists even for TF?? if you feel you can not do your makeup. Their fee is to be paid by the model.

Not paying a "kit fee" for a Test or "mutual" portfolio shoot may "SOUND" unreasonable, but consider that I have spent several thousands of dollars on my equipment, studio and my education, and each and every person on my sets contribute some personal sacrifice to making the best images possible. I never ask anyone to help pay for my gear, so I respectfully request that you don't ask me to pay for yours.

As for PAID Models; I only pay models when "I" am being paid by a third party. IF for some strange reason I pay for your time at one of my personal portfolio development shoots DO NOT EXPECT my studio to GIVE you anything, if you want files or prints you will pay my regular rates for them just as I paid you.

Interested in:

  • Wedding
  • Portrait
  • Sports
  • Other
  • Figure Study
  • Mediums

  • Infrared
  • Digital
  • Alternative
  • Photography

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