Fashion Print Commercial Tamara


In the standard, my work is in freelance writing on human issues and sometimes as a film crew-chick, or producer when bills are piling up. As for what you want to know regarding talent, I'm a well tempered, Italian/German girl, raised in theatre, dance, and travel. I am a product of years and years of dance, music, and a decade of modeling and theatre but I still work for a realistic paycheck, just like everyone else.

Please understand my time is precious, and so is yours. I'll only work w/ professional photographers, designers and stylists with exemplary portfolios and good attitudes. It's all about having an ambitious network plus, I have zero patience or time for fakes and/or egos. In creative equality, there's no room for mediocrity.

If names like Irving Penn, Richard Avendon, Louise Dahl-Wolfe, Gordon Parks, Fernand/Lisa Fonssagrives, Guy Bourdin, Victor Skrebneski, Dorian Leigh, and Dovima mean nothing to you, then please read up or just don't bother.

My book could use some sprucing so please write me but please, no nudes, glam, amateur, fetish or anything of that nature unless I contact you please.

So without further adieu, thank you very much for stopping by and spending time with me and my selective modelmayhem collection.


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